Production at V&W consisted of 3 main stages :

  1. Design
  2. Assembly
  3. Quality Control
We care about transparency therefore we would like to share a little bit of our production process.

Design is the most important part of every type of production. We take design to the whole new level. Valentine&Wisse was inspired by classical watch brands such as Hublot, AP, Vacheron-Constantin etc. Our designers had an almost impossible task to acomplish  - to make a mechanism that would be as precise and accurate as our competitor's but way more cheaper. After 2 years of experementing we have created the whole new custom automatic mechanism - V&W 244M

Assembly. Each of our watch is handmade with precision and extraordinary quality. Every mechanical piece and every process is carefully checked and supervised. Watch manufacturing requires a lot of precision and care.We decided to focus on hand-made production because there is less chance of getting defected product. We stand for every product. Our assembly manager - Alexander is in change of this process. Quality Control. Our quality control team is working every day to deliver quality watches. Since the beginning quality was the main priority for our company. Each watch is tested after the assembly and stamped with our signature V&W logo. When you see our logo on the back of the watches you can be sure that it has been checked and stress tested. We provide 1 year manufacture warranty.