Established in 2016. 

Back in 2016 two best friends Valentine and Wisse were regular guys with a common passion - watches. They were looking for watches that would stand out, but unfortunately the friends were not able to find anything that would cost less then  a nice car.

At that time the only quality watches were the likes of AP, Rolex etc., and in order to buy one of these watches you would need to break the bank.

Valentine&Wisse Watch Co. was born, with the intention of making our own watch manufacturing, making watches that would not cost a fortune to our customers.

Valentine is the tech savvy partner, from the childhood he loved crafting and engineering. He is responsible for the inner workings of the V&W store.

On the other hand, Wisse is more more artistic, he loves drawing and design, and has pioneered our stellar watch designs. 

Valentine grew up in San Diego, California and has had much manufacturing experience. Wisse is from Switzerland, the Mecca of handcrafted timepieces, where he gained design ideas and great experience in the watchmaking trade. The two friends decided to make a union, to combine their knowledge and passion into something bigger. Since then, Valetine&Wisse Watch Co. is working ahead of its time with high end materials and prices that don't bite, which gave the two friends an opportunity to make their dreams a reality.